World War Hulk by Greg Pak & John Romita Jr.

I’ve always enjoyed watching and reading about over-powered super heroes like Superman (DC), Goku (Dragon Ball), Kinnikuman (King Muscle), Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece), and Hulk (Marvel). Monkey D. Luffy and Kinnikuman possess bizarre abilities and strength that can solve almost any situation; Superman and Goku have officially become Gods; and Hulk is the strongest there is. However, out of all of these characters Hulk is the one that stands out to me. He may not be my favourite (that’s for another Recommends blog) but he is the one that I find the most interesting. For this blog I will quickly discuss the above characters and what separates the Hulk from them, and then talk about my favourite Hulk comic, World War Hulk.

god group sheer force group superman goku fluffy ultimate muscle comics manga one piece shonen action

The God Group and the Sheer Force Group (left to right)

There are two groups that I will put the above heroes into: Superman and Goku are in the group I call ‘God Group’ and Kinnikuman and Luffy are in the ‘Sheer Force Group.’ I put Kinnikuman and Luffy in the Sheer Force Group because I feel that their power comes from the will power that emerges as they fight. Luffy has the ability called ‘Haki’ and Kinnikuman has the ability Kinnikuman’s ‘Burning Inner Strength.’ Both abilities provide the user with a huge boost in their strength, speed, awareness, insight, and many other aspects. Whenever a wall is met, these abilities help them break through that wall with sheer will power – a typical trait of Shonen (Japanese comics aimed at boys) characters.

Kinnikuman demonstrating his 'Burning Inner Strength' by catching and throwing a sun.

Kinnikuman demonstrating his ‘Burning Inner Strength’ by catching and throwing a sun.

Superman and Goku are in the God Group. Both have grown in strength over time to become classified as Gods. Superman eventually becomes ‘Superman Prime’ and Goku becomes the fabled ‘Super Saiyan God.’ In these forms they have become something that no one can surpass. What can a God do? Pretty much anything it wants.

Super saiyan god goku dragon ball superman prime DC comics

Super Saiyan God Goku and Superman Prime (left to right)

This brings me to the Hulk, who is unique in that he straddles both groups. He fights with sheer force and solves most problems with it. Hulk has been known to put out flames with a clap of his hands and his lungs are so strong that they enable him to breathe underwater and survive the pressure of deepest parts of the Ocean. However, there are times when the Hulk becomes more than just Sheer Force and becomes Godlike. World War Hulk is the best story to exemplify this. (WARNING: For those of you that have not read Planet Hulk there are spoilers ahead!)

Hulk strongest there is marvel

Hulk Strongest There Is!

World War Hulk is one of those big event stories in the Marvel Universe that basically pits characters against one another. In this case, it’s the Hulk vs. EVERYONE. Before I get onto that, I need to give a little back story to what lead up to this epic war. In the Marvel Universe there is a group named the Illuminati – a group made up of the most intelligent and influential super heroes, such as Black Bolt (King of the Inhumans) Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) Iron Man (“Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist” to quote The Avengers film) Mister Fantastic (Leader of the Fantastic Four) Namor (King of Atlantis) and Professor X (Leader of the X-Men).

The Illuminati came up with a plan to get rid of the Hulk in light of death count he had racked up during all of his infamous rages, and in their eyes the only logical and physical way to stop him from continuing to destroy the world, was to send him into space – which they managed to do. However, the spaceship malfunctioned and landed on an alien planet. Unexpectedly, Hulk not only became a great Roman-esque gladiator on that planet, but also it’s saviour by freeing it’s people from a tyrannical ruler and rose to become it’s king. He also met a female alien who would become his bride. Unfortunately, nothing stays perfect for long – especially when you are the Hulk. The ship that Hulk landed in exploded, killing his queen and unborn son, and this sent the Hulk into a new rage – a rage that could only be calmed by seeing the monsters that sent him into space and killed his love: the Illuminati.

Now we finally enter World War Hulk – a story of pure revenge. If you love the Hulk then you should love this. Hulk takes on the most powerful Marvel heroes, all of them jacked up to try and equal his power level, and they all fail. The aliens who have allied themselves with Hulk see him not just as a ruler but also as a God, a saviour, and a destroyer. This is why I love Hulk too, as there is so much more to him than a rage monster. He’s a God – both vengeful and liberating, and he’s also a king, a husband, a father, and just a man – Bruce Banner.

World War Hulk Marvel Comics

King. God. Hulk

World War Hulk is rare in that Bruce sees eye-to-eye with Hulk (bear in mind this is before Banner and the Hulk realise they are the same, so it make sense to refer to them as two individuals). Bruce wants this revenge because he was finally happy and he and the Hulk were finally living a perfect life. He had an empire, a woman who loved him, and a son on the way. There is a scene in World War Hulk between Bruce, Hulk, and Doctor Strange, in which you see the rage in both the Hulk and Bruce… It’s brilliant.

World War Hulk truly shows all of the light and shade of Hulk that people often don’t see in him. We see the God, the Sheer Force, the humble man, and ultimately, we see the hero.

Written by Huw Williams@big_huw on Twitter.

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