N00b Reviews: Toriko

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In this series so far we have looked at manga involving wizards’ Guilds, creepy human-eating Titans, and video games that could kill you. Today, I will be looking into yet another weird one: the world of Toriko and all things food. I know Toriko is a much loved favourite of our very own writer Huw Williams, so here’s what I think.





Toriko is a manga written and illustrated by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro that follows the adventures of Toriko, a ‘gourmet hunter’ – a title that means that Toriko is on a quest to find rare and diverse foods to complete a full course meal. Along his way he teams up with a weak and timid chef Komatsu who is inspired by Toriko’s ambition, and travels with him to improve his culinary skills and to find rare ingredients to cook with.


First Impressions:

Is it just me or does the art work kind of look grainy? Like the static on an old TV. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but just not quite what I expected. Maybe its a bad page scan.

Toriko grainy



As for the story it kind of reminds me a little bit of Pokemon, in respect of capturing monsters and the monsters having different levels… except that they don’t eat the monsters in Pokemon of course! (Well, except for Slowpoke tails.)

Already in the first couple of chapters of Toriko I am a little weirded out. It’s pretty terrifying and some bits seem to make no sense whatever… like since when did crocodiles have the ability to evolve into dinosaurs? What have I started reading?!

toriko croc

Is it a Crocodile?


toriko not croc

No, it’s a dinosaur?!


I didn’t really like the fact that after reading the first few chapters it didn’t hook me and make me want to read more. It all felt a bit samey. Toriko gets challenged to find a rare monster, defeats said monster, eats it; rinse and repeat. Hopefully as I read more it will become more varied and less formulaic.


What I liked:

I liked that the manga was about food and it was nice to read something a bit different from the other manga I’ve read so far. Even if the whole food thing did make me hungry :P. It all looks soo tasty – get in my belly!

toriko food



Another thing I also liked about Toriko is the wide range of facial expressions used, even if some of them where absolutely terrifying! The same character on one page can look completely different on another page.

toriko terrifyingfacet


What I disliked:

As I said earlier, I didn’t like the fact the first few chapters were very repetitive in terms of story and it didn’t really hook me into reading more, which was surprising considering it’s all about food and that’s definitely something I love!


So. Hungry.


Overall opinion:

Whilst I liked the fact that Toriko was very different to any of the other manga I’ve read, I’m not sure I will continue reading it as I didn’t find it captivated me as much as the others did. Sorry Toriko!


Written by marketing whizzkid Jess Hardcastle.

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