N00b Reviews: One Piece

One Piece Manga

After the break last week, N00b Reviews is back and with the results of the reader’s poll in which we asked you what I should be reviewing next.

I can now reveal you have chosen… One Piece!

Before you wonder how the hell I am going to read all 782 chapters (kind of impossible in a few days…) I’m just going to see how far I’ll get to in two days and write about what I’ve read. It also only seems natural that I should read One Piece, what with it being one of the most successful manga series’ of all time, and it’s still going after 782 chapters!


One Piece is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and tells the story of  Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate whose body gains the properties of rubber after accidentally eating a ‘Devil Fruit’. Along with his diverse crew named the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy explores the ocean in search of the ultimate treasure known as the “One Piece” in order to become the next Pirate King.


First Impressions: 

Right from the first page of One Piece I found I genuinely enjoyed the simple and super-cartoony artwork, as well as the way we are given the backstory of each character at the beginning of the protagonists’ journey so they are fleshed out right from the start.

What I liked:

I really liked that the main themes of the manga included friendship, having courage, and not being afraid to fail. The characters are well-written, likeable, and had personality traits that I definitely think are relatable to. For example, Luffy’s determination and ambition, or Usopp’s courage to stand up for his friends.

Another thing I found I particular admired was the diversity in the characters. Each character has their own reason for joining Luffy and a separate mission they are trying to accomplish as well as helping with his.


As you might have noticed I quite enjoy a bit of a comedy and One Piece does not fall short in this respect! It’s ridiculous in the best way right from the off, with Luffy eating a fruit that makes his body have elastic properties, to Gaiman being stuck in a treasure chest with only his head visible.

Wait, What?!

Is it me or does this strange hypnotist villain, Jango (pictured below), remind you of Michael Jackson..?

MJ Ref             MJ Ref 2

What I disliked:

The only thing I could really say I disliked about the manga was the Syrup Village Arc because it seemed to drag on and I just wanted the main story to progress. However, that’s the only real fault (so far) I could find with it to be perfectly honest.

Overall Opinion:

I can easily see why One Piece is such a popular and long running series.  What’s not to love? Pirates with super powers; fun lovable characters; a gripping story; and a distinctive cartoonish art style. Unlike many of the other series I have looked at I have not yet watched the anime series that accompanies this manga but it is something to add to my list now!  Once again I have found another Manga series that I would definitely recommend to N00bs like me and seasoned readers alike.

Written by Jess Harcastle, Marketing Whizz-kid for Cosmic Anvil.

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