N00b Reviews: Toukyou Kushu (Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul

In N00b Reviews this week I am looking at Toukyou Kushu, also more commonly known as Toyko Ghoul. I will also be reviewing both the manga and anime series together as I heard that they are very different from each other, so I thought it would be interesting to examine how the anime changes from the manga.


Toukyou Kushu is set in a universe where Toyko is infested by Ghouls – humanoid creatures with special powers – that need to feast on humans to survive. The story focuses on the protagonist Ken Kaneki, a human that becomes half Ghoul-half human after an incident involving a Ghoul and then having her organs transplanted into his body. The story focuses on how he comes to terms with his abilities and his cravings for human flesh in order to live.

First Impressions: 

From looking at the first couple of pages of Toukyou Kushu the illustrations struck me as ‘simple’ and not overly detailed, which was strangely charming and made me concentrate on what was going on rather than getting distracted by overly detailed artwork.


What I liked:

I really liked the way Toukyou Kushu made you empathize with the Ghouls even though they were killing and feeding on humans. As I read more and more of the manga I found the illustrations did get more detailed in regards to both the facial expressions of the characters and the settings. Whilst I mentioned earlier that they were simple and made me focus on the story later on, the detailed illustrations later on made me appreciate the beauty of the character designs, especially when it came to the Ghoul’s Kagune (tentacle or wing like organs that spout from the Ghouls back and aiding them in both fighting and defense).


What I disliked:

One of the main things I disliked with Toukyou Kushu was the unnecessary excess of blood and gore that I felt wasn’t particularly needed in order to progress the plot. I found this was the case in both the manga and anime but with the anime it was a lot more obvious!

Tokyo Ghoul Bloody Scene

How Did it Compare to the Anime:

The manga and the anime seem to be completely different versions of the same main story arc. Whilst they both focus on Tokyo being infested by Ghouls and Kaneki coming to terms with his monstrous evolution, the manga seems to focus a lot more on the Investigators in the beginning whereas the anime focusses more on Kaneki and how he engages with other Ghouls.

I found the 12 episode anime series strangely addictive but was highly disappointed with the way the final episode ended. Okay, yes we do get a resolution with Kaneki but what about all the other story arcs? What happens to the Anteiku cafe group or the investigators? So unsatisfying!

Overall Opinion:

Overall I really enjoyed Toukyo Kushu (Tokyo Ghoul) and can’t wait for the next series of the anime – even if I was frustrated with the way it ended. As for the manga, I would definitely recommend giving it a read and I’ll be interested to see if there are any more differences between the adaptation to the original manga as they continue.

Written by Jess Harcastle, Marketing Whizz-kid for Cosmic Anvil.

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